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April 2015 Archives

Head-on collision in Kansas kills 3

An accident involving three vehicles left a trio of people dead in Butler County. The Kansas Highway Patrol reported that the head-on collision on US-54 happened when one vehicle left the eastbound lanes and went onto the westbound side. The reason they swerved was not yet known.

The risk of a 2-second glance while driving

Distracted driving on open highways in Kansas may not seem dangerous, but a study by Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety shows that even a brief glance at something in the car can greatly increase the chance of a crash. Although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that drivers look away from the road for no more than two seconds, the study showed that there is a period of readjustment when individuals look away. Because of this readjustment time, a two-second glance could be more dangerous than previously believed.

Both jaw fractures and dislocations may require long recovery

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the common causes of jaw injuries. A driver or passenger in Kansas who has experienced a hard facial blow in a car accident that injured the jaw will require professional medical attention. Weeks could be needed for recovery.

Brain aging and traumatic brain injuries

Each year in Kansas, many people suffer from traumatic brain injuries in accidents or while playing sports. Aside from the immediate symptoms of a brain injury, the trauma may cause long-lasting changes to the brain that can cause problems throughout the victim's life.