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Safeguard Your Kansas City Business' Bottom Line: Be on the Watch for Business Torts

Business owners are often attentive of the importance that contracts play in the business world and are quick to seek counsel if a contract is breached. However, a sizeable segment of business-related litigation stems from what are referred to as "business torts." A "tort" is a class of civil intentional or negligent wrongs. Business torts do not include damage to property or persons, but rather target a business' intangible assets. A business that has suffered economic loss as the result of a business tort can file suit against the offending business or individual. A savvy business owner can safeguard his or her business' bottom line simply by being aware of the existence of these causes of action. Three of the most common business torts that can jeopardize a business and its economic interests are:

Want to Start a Business? Tips for Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Every business starts out as a great idea. However, not all great ideas turn into successful businesses. What separates a prosperous business from a business that flops within its first five years after opening? Proper planning. One should not jump into business ownership, but rather take some time do your homework. A great piece of advice is to learn from the mistakes of others, so that you do not have to repeat history. The following are some of the most common pitfalls that new business owners have fallen into that are completely avoidable, if the right amount of planning and forethought is put forward from onset: