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Charlie Hyland

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Attorney Charlie Hyland began his career working for insurance companies, but now he proudly serves the people that keep our community’s heart beating here in Kansas City.

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Non-Compete Agreements

What small business owners in Kansas and Missouri should know.

Non-compete agreements aren’t
always enforceable under Kansas Law.

Despite long-standing expectations you might have from Kansas Public Policy, non-compete agreements aren’t always enforceable due to invalid contracts.

In Missouri, certain terms must be outlined for at-will employees.

Recent judgments in Missouri determined that at-will employment is no longer valid consideration to support non-compete agreements. Come to us for all the facts.

KS & MO courts have the power to modify the terms of your agreement.

All it takes is for the courts to deem a non-compete agreement unreasonable. However, this doesn’t necessarily render the agreement unenforceable.  

Having a business litigator on your side can make all the difference.

Non-compete agreements are complicated and require the help of a skilled attorney. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our doors are always open.

“Both My Father And I Are Entrepreneurs. Believe Me When I Say I’m Invested In Helping Your Business.”

Charlie grew up watching his dad run his business with the skill and care required of any venture where the well-being of the client is of utmost importance. He also witnessed the value of support among small business owners, and so one of his primary concerns has always been to help them succeed in an increasingly complicated professional environment.

After witnessing the ups and downs of not only his father’s business but also those of local entrepreneurs, Charlie has gained noteworthy trust in the KC Metro area as an attorney who can identify with our clients’ needs. After all, our firm was a small business for many years. With much skill, knowledge and experience in business law, Charlie is the man to invest in.

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See how I've helped my clients overcome obstacles similar to yours.

St. Joseph Apartment Fire

On July 25, 2010, a fire raged in the Danford Hall apartment building in St. Joseph, Missouri. Because of multiple failures by the owner and manager of the apartment, the fire alarms failed. After more than a year of litigation, the defendants agreed to settle.

$1,000,000 Settlement

Lawyer Pays $2,400,000 Judgment

A lawyer for an alternative energy company used his position of confidence with his client to trade wrongfully in the new company's stock. Charlie and co-counsel obtained a judgment for $2,400,000.

$2,400,000 Judgment

Head on Collison on I-435

A mother and her two young children were struck head on by an unknown driver who fled the scene of the accident. Charlie was able to secure a substantial six figure settlement from his client's uninsured motorist coverage.

Six-figure settlement

Software License Infringement Case

In a case pending in California, Charlie has on behalf of a software company sued to enforce its software rights and to collect more than $2M in disputed license fees.

$2,000,000 Collection

Child with Head Injury Collects Substantial Settlement

Entrusted to the care of church employees, a young boy was seriously hurt when an unsecured television fell on his head. Charlie worked with the defendant to structure a settlement to maximize the payment to the young plaintiff when he attains the age of majority.

Maximized payoff at age of majority

With Me, You’ll Never Be Left to Wonder.

I take the time to explain where you stand and how each decision will impact your case.

We know it’s important for every client to see and understand all the options laid out before them. We trust you know that, too, which is why you’ll appreciate the time and attention we give to your specific situation.

Open Communication From Day One

Knowing all the options naturally entails knowing both the good and bad. Trust that we won’t shy away from making sure you know vital information — even if it’s unfortunate news. When we map out all the steps, you’ll see how Charlie’s straightforward manner will be among the most valuable aspects of your time together. In fact, you should eventually feel as though those next steps aren’t so tough to take. In business as in life, it always pays to be prepared.

Regular Updates On Your Case

It goes without saying that you should always expect to know where we stand. I won’t hesitate to reach out and let you know exactly how your case is progressing. These status updates should ease many of the qualms you have through the process; you’ve always got someone in your corner. Rest assured, we’ll face your issues as they arise.

Always Accessible & Responsive

Our guiding hand will be invaluable in your time of need, perhaps most of all if you’re in recovery from a personal injury. That stinging feeling you get from being taken advantage of or experiencing uncertainty can be devastating. We’re here to let you know things can be set right. Call us today.