Overland Park Personal Injury and Business Litigation Attorney

What are the qualities you should look for in a law firm? Experience. Results. A commitment to guiding clients through complex and confusing legal issues as quickly as possible without compromising the ultimate outcome.

Whether you are seeking compensation following a serious accident, or have a business-related matter in Kansas or Missouri, Hyland Law Firm, LLC, offers the combination of experience, success and dedication you deserve. For nearly a quarter century, attorney Charlie Hyland has represented clients throughout the Kansas City Metro area. He brings a breadth and depth of experience that few lawyers in the area can match. Just as importantly, he understands how intimidating the legal process can be, and part of our firm's commitment to our clients is to make the attorney-client relationship as positive and productive as possible.

We are proud of the results we have obtained for our clients over the years, which include several million dollar verdicts and settlements. We are just as proud of our success in making our clients' experience with the legal system more rewarding.

Unique Strategies Tailored to Deliver Real Results

Our personal injury and business law practices are both centered on the same goal: Quickly determine what our clients need, develop a dynamic strategy to achieve their goals, and then tirelessly pursue those goals.

Our personal injury clients want to know that they can get the compensation they need to recover from serious accidents without devastating financial burdens.

Our business clients want to know that they can prevent legal disputes whenever possible, and prevail when a disagreement becomes a full-blown legal dispute.

We offer the negotiation and litigation experience all our clients need to seek favorable resolutions to their legal matters, no matter how simple or complex they are.

We Look Forward to Helping You

Working with a lawyer can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. To learn what to expect at our first meeting, or to arrange to speak with Overland Park personal injury lawyer Charlie Hyland, email us now or call toll free at 800-836-1439.