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Personal Injury

Being seriously injured in an accident is bad enough. Working with a lawyer to get the compensation you need and deserve should make your life easier, not more difficult.

At Hyland Law Firm, LLC, we believe that the relationships we have with our clients are as important as the results we obtain for them. We know working with a lawyer can be an intimidating experience, and attorney Charlie Hyland wants you to know what to expect when you come to discuss your case.

We won't drill you with legal questions. Instead, we'll have a conversation and get to know you and your concerns. The most important information we can get at the beginning of any case is how an accident has affected your life. Have you been unable to work? Are you in constant pain? Have you required continuous medical treatment? Knowing about you, your family and the effects that accident injuries have had on you form the starting point of our legal strategy.

We will give you time to ask us questions, so you can learn about attorney Charlie Hyland and how the personal injury claim process generally unfolds. The attorney-client relationship is not one-way. We need to know about you and your injuries, but we feel it's just as important that you know our attorney and feel comfortable working with our legal team. We also want to give you a general sense of how personal injury cases unfold even though no two cases are the same, we want to avoid any confusion or anxiety as your case develops.

Once we know a bit more about each other, we can start gathering the facts and evidence we need to develop a strategy to get you compensation. We will eventually need to obtain some information on police reports, accident witnesses, medical documentation but will do everything we can to minimize the inconvenience on your life. We treat personal information with the utmost care and confidentiality, and if you ever have any questions or concerns about the information we need, we will be happy to explain how it is being used to help strengthen your case.

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