When accounts receivable accumulate so that the percentage of bad debt owed to a business increases, it can compromise the viability and profitability of the business. Our law firm provides aggressive legal representation to creditors who have been unsuccessful in obtaining satisfaction of a business or personal debt. Even waiting to collect debts that are owed can cause substantial financial challenges during tough economic times. At Hyland Law Firm, LLC, we are prepared to use all legal remedies to enforce a debt owed to our client.

Charles Hyland has a proven track record of success and experience with debt collections, pre-judgment attachments and the enforcement of judgments. If you are owed outstanding debts, such as unpaid invoices, extensions of credit and loans, our law firm aggressively undertakes collection actions. If we can negotiate a settlement of the debt that is in our client's best interest, we will endeavor to do so. When a debtor refuses to respond to collection letters or calls, we typically will file a debt enforcement lawsuit.

Many business owners obtain small claims judgments on their own only to discover that the judgment is difficult to enforce. Whether we are enforcing judgments obtained by our client or judgments we have obtained on our clients' behalf, we conduct asset searches to locate bank accounts, real property, businesses, and other assets against which a debt may be enforced. We may also schedule a judgment debtor exam to compel the debtor to appear and answer questions about the debtor's property, assets and income. Our law firm also works with skip tracing firms and investigators to locate debtors that are in hiding or that are intentionally hiding or diverting their assets or income.

Once our Overland Park debt collection law firm has obtained a judgment in a debt collection action, we may seek to enforce the judgment by filing a lien against the real property of the debtor, obtaining a bank levy against the debtors bank account or garnishing the person's wages. These can be very effective collection tools for converting a judgment into an actual stream of revenue. A judgment lien obtained against the debtor's real property will pose a cloud on title, which must be cleared before the property can be sold. We may also pursue a bank levy to collect against a debtor's bank account or seek to obtain deductions from the debtors paycheck on an ongoing basis in the form of a wage attachment until the debt has been paid in full.

Mr. Hyland recognizes that the debt collection approach needs to be tailored to the specific situation, including the amount owed, likelihood of recovery, time cost of delays in collection, and the cost of the collection process. We work closely with our clients to develop a cost-effective debt collection strategy that is appropriate given our client's situation. Many debtors threaten to file bankruptcy to avoid paying financial obligations, our Overland Park collection attorneys have experience protecting creditor rights and obtaining financial recovery even when debtors seek bankruptcy protection.

Our Overland Park debt collection law firm is dedicated to providing aggressive and innovative debt collection and enforcement solutions at a reasonable cost. Our fee structure permits us to customize our billing to the specific circumstances of the case, including contingency fee, flat fee and fee cap arrangements. We know that our clients need to budget for the expense of debt collection services so we provide billing option that facilitate such financial planning.

If you need assistance in enforcing a business or personal debt in Overland Park or the surrounding areas of Kansas, Mr. Hyland has a debt collection practice built on proven results. We invite you to email us or call to schedule a free phone consultation.