Wrongful Death Attorney in Overland Park, Kansas

Nothing hurts more than losing a loved one. When someone's death results from another person's careless or reckless behavior, families are left devastated, angry and looking for answers.

Attorney Charlie Hyland understands that nothing can take away the loss of a close family member. He also understands that many families are left not only emotionally devastated, but also financially hurting. At our firm, we focus on helping ease the financial burdens that families face due to a loved one's death so they can focus on the more important work of moving beyond their loss.

When it comes to something like a family member's death, you deserve to be treated with compassion by your lawyer, and to know that you won't have to fight to meet with one when you need it. Our firm takes pride in the personal working relationships we develop with our clients. We have also collected million-dollar settlements and judgments for families that have lost loved ones.

Representing Families in Missouri and Kansas

Our firm handles personal injury claims throughout the Kansas City Metro area. We represent families seeking compensation and a measure of closure following a relative's accidental death caused by:

For many families, the most pressing financial need will be for the mountain of medical bills that follow many fatal accidents. They quickly learn, however, that there are many other financial burdens to consider, and our firm works diligently to help our clients recover for all these losses, which can include:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of companionship

Depending on the circumstances surrounding an accident, we may also be able to pursue pain and suffering compensation for the trauma a loved one endured before passing.

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