Products Liability Attorney in Overland Park, Kansas

We depend on literally hundreds of products every day, not just to make our lives easier, but to make them happen, period. We don't often think of just how dependant we are on appliances, tools and other gadgets... until something goes wrong that causes serious injuries.

For people in the Kansas City Metro area, there is one firm that offers experience from both sides of a personal injury case, an established record of success and a commitment to making the claims process as straightforward as possible: Hyland Law Firm, LLC. Attorney Charlie Hyland has helped injured Missourians and Kansans over more than 20 years in practice, and also brings experience as an insurance defense lawyer to every case our firm handles. We come ready to help our clients hold the manufacturers and sellers of defective products responsible for their negligence, and get our clients the compensation they need.

"What Can a Lawyer Do for Me or My Loved One?"

It's easy to assume that when a product malfunctions, it was because it wasn't used properly, or that it was a one-time error that doesn't point to a larger problem. At least, that's what product manufacturers and their lawyers hope people assume.

The truth is, there are many situations where the makers of products and the businesses that sell them can be held liable for the injuries that result when something goes horribly wrong. For example, financial recovery may be available when:

  • A product has an inherent design flaw that not even proper manufacture could have fixed
  • A product has a safe design but one or more manufacturing defects
  • There is a failure to warn of known dangers with adequate labeling
  • A retailer fails to stop selling a product it knows or should have known is defective

Whether the product in question is a household appliance, construction equipment or any other type of consumer product, our firm will aggressively pursue compensation for our clients' injuries, which can include:

  • Present and future medical costs
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Lost wages and reduced income potential

Even misusing a product is not always a bar to recovery. We may be able to show that a manufacturer should have known a product would be used in a certain way, and failed to account for this in either its design or warning labels.

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