Partnership disputes can be caused by many factors, including financial disagreements, falling revenue, succession issues, poorly prepared partnership agreements, the prospect of a new partner, conflicts in vision over the business's direction, corporate governance issues, and many other factors. Business partnership conflicts typically arise when a business is either highly profitable or struggling badly. Ironically, partners may have no real sense of how well prepared their partnership agreement is until the specter of litigation arises. Overland Park partnership dispute attorney Charles J. Hyland has a proven record of success in negotiating the resolution of partnership disputes, artfully drafting documents to facilitate a business dissolution, and zealously litigating partnership dissolution issues.

We understand that many partnership disputes are rooted in partnership agreements that fail to clearly define the rights and obligations of the partners or fail to anticipate potential problems. We have experience handling a wide range of partnership disputes, including those involving:

  • Investment partnerships

  • Partners in professional associations like law firms, medical/dental practices and accounting firms

  • Joint ownership of real estate, boats, business and other valuable assets

  • Partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships

Although sometimes the issues between business partners are too contentious to resolve, the best outcome for both partners in many situations is to reach a mutually amicable resolution to the partnership dispute. Mr. Hyland analyzes the areas of conflict between the partners and how those issues are handled in the partnership agreement. He also evaluates potential remedies that may be outlined in the partnership agreement, such as arbitration or mediation. If the partners are amendable to resolving the dispute, the issues may be resolved by a simple revision of the partnership agreement.

Because we work with many types of business partnerships, we are familiar with some common issues that arise based on the type of business. While law firm partnerships tend to operate to informally with a lack of clearly defined boundaries, accounting partnerships often interpret partnership agreements strictly. Medical practices frequently face potential dissolution over the prospect of a new partner. While every partnership situation is unique, our experienced team of Overland Park partnership attorneys is frequently able to focus the parties on the operative language in the agreement and clearly interpret the legal issue with a focus on creative problem solving so that the dispute can be resolved without the partnership dissolving.

When a partnership must break up, Mr. Hyland carefully protects the interest of his clients regarding key issues including:

  • Division of profits

  • Ownership of machinery or equipment

  • Assignment of civil liability for existing claims

  • Control or division of client list

  • Disposition of the partnership's intellectual property

  • Non-compete issues

When business partnership disputes occur, they can have an extremely disruptive impact on the business and ultimately drive up costs, reduce revenue, and damage the partnerships profitability. We are prepared to negotiate or litigate a wide range of business partnership issues, including:

  • Business dissolution

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

  • Usurping partnership business opportunities

  • Asset diversion claims

  • Claims of breach of contract

  • Disclosure or misuse of trade secrets

  • Embezzlement of partnership funds

Overland Park business partnership dissolution attorney Charles J. Hyland understands the damage and costs associated with the dissolution of a partnership and works hard to identify and negotiate solutions so that the partnership can remain viable. When it is clear that the partnership must be dissolved or that his client wishes the partnership dissolved, he often uses forensic accountants to analyze financial issues and protect his client's interest. We work diligently through the entire process of handling a partnership disputes to pursue the best interest of our client while avoiding costly protracted litigation. When litigation in a courtroom is the only resolution to a partnership dispute, Mr. Hyland provides diligent discovery, thorough analysis of financial and partnership documents, effective negotiation and proven advocacy at the negotiating table and in the courtroom.

If you are embroiled in a business partnership dispute in Overland Park or the surrounding areas, Mr. Hyland offers a free consultation so that he can evaluate your situation and advise you of your options. We invite you to email us or call today to schedule a free phone consultation.