Distracted Driver Accidents

It's something all drivers have probably done at one point or another: check cellphones for text messages at a red light, get lost in a confusing navigation system while driving on the highway, or even lose focus for a few seconds because of fatigue.

The problem is that these things often lead to accidents that seriously injure innocent people. This is what has happened to you or your loved ones, and now your family is left to pick up the pieces. How can you hold the careless party accountable for his or her actions and make sure you get the compensation you need for what might be significant financial losses?

Turn to Hyland Law Firm, LLC. Our personal injury practice represents people injured in motor vehicle accidents throughout the Kansas City Metro area. We believe our clients and their families shouldn't have to shoulder the burden of another driver's negligence, and if you are looking for an experienced advocate to help you get the compensation you need, our firm is here to help.

Our Commitment: Help Clients Recover Maximum Compensation as Swiftly as Possible

There are countless ways that drivers can become distracted and cause a collision that seriously injures other motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists. Some common causes include:

  • Texting and driving
  • Drunk or impaired drivers
  • Using in-car navigation systems
  • Driver fatigue

These cases are unique because they require a lawyer to find evidence of distraction — cellphone call records, crash-site sobriety tests and other information — that demonstrate that a driver was not focusing on the road. With more than 20 years of injury litigation experience, attorney Charlie Hyland is well-versed in this type of extensive discovery, and just as importantly, using the facts to argue in our clients' favor.

Successful personal injury claims can help victims recover for pain and suffering and lost wages and earning capacity as well as immediate medical losses. In cases involving drunk driving, moreover, punitive damages may be on the table.

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