Should I Settle My Case?

Possibly the most common question a lawyer hears when meeting with a client with serious accident-related injuries is:

"How long will it take to resolve my case?"

There are many factors that go into the length of a case and a qualified lawyer will never make promises about the specific amount of time it will take to get a client compensation but one of the most important factors is the strategy used to pursue compensation. There are times when it makes sense to settle relatively quickly, and others when it is best to hold out for a better settlement offer, or to take a case to a full jury trial. Clients of Hyland Law Firm, LLC, benefit from attorney Charlie Hyland's 20-plus years of personal injury experience. We are here to give you practical information that can help you make sense of your options following an accident.

When Is It Better To Settle (And Settle Quickly)?

Every case involves a certain amount of cost-benefit analysis. If a negligent party or its insurance company offers a settlement that covers the vast majority of a client's financial losses, holding out for many months or even years for a small increase in the settlement amount will not always make sense. Victims will continue to accrue expenses and will have to live with the stress that a case is still pending. In these cases, therefore, a claim can still have a good outcome and give a client peace of mind with a relatively swift settlement.

When Is It Better To Try A Case?

Taking a case to full jury trial may be more attractive when there is a large gap in the compensation we determine a client deserves, and what the other side is willing to pay. For example, if a negligent party offers only half of what we believe a client should receive and we can conclude a trial in a relatively short amount of time, it may well be worth it to hold out and prove our case to a jury.

How Can Your Firm Help?

Attorney Charlie Hyland has worked in the area of injury litigation for nearly 25 years, including years as an insurance defense lawyer. That means he can instinctively get the "feel" of a case and determine how aggressively we will have to proceed. Our firm has the financial and legal resources to take on more complex cases involving serious or even permanent injuries, meaning our clients can have assurance that we will be at their side for the duration of their cases.

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