Case Results

Johnson County Breach of Contract and Conversion Claim

In February of 2022, successfully prosecuted a breach of contract and conversion claim in Johnson County, Kansas arising out of a 50/50 LLC Operating Agreement resulting in a six-figure judgment for the firm’s client along with an accounting order.

Six-figure judgment

Non-Competition Clauses Defense

In 2021, defended several individuals against claims by former employers attempting to enforce non-competition clauses. Although these agreements can be enforceable if narrowly tailored, a lot of the agreements cast their restrictions too broadly.

Successful Defense

St. Joseph Apartment Fire

On July 25, 2010, a fire raged in the Danford Hall apartment building in St. Joseph, Missouri. Because of multiple failures by the owner and manager of the apartment, the fire alarms failed, robbing the residents of the opportunity to escape the horrible fire resulting in two deaths. Charlie Hyland was hired to represent the family and quickly investigated the cause of the fire and ultimately brought suit against the owner, the property management company, and the fire alarm monitoring company. After more than a year of litigation, the defendants agreed to settle the case for more than $1,000,000.

$1,000,000 Settlement

Lawyer Pays $2,400,000 Judgment

A lawyer for an alternative energy company used his position of confidence with his client to trade wrongfully in the new company's stock. Charlie and co-counsel obtained a judgment for $2,400,000. This was just the beginning of the long road to payment. Because the defendant was also criminally prosecuted, the Attorney General in New York froze and attempted to seize all of the defendant's assets. After two years, which involved several courts and one trip to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Charlie's client collected its $2,400,000 judgment. This success for the alternative energy company led to a second case for a similar company, which ended with another multi-million dollar payment for Charlie's client.

$2,400,000 Judgment

Child with Head Injury Collects Substantial Settlement

While entrusted to the care of church employees, a young boy is seriously hurt when an unsecured television falls on his head. Charlie thoroughly investigated the claims and ultimately brought suit against the church for negligence. A substantial confidential settlement was obtained for the young boy. Charlie worked with the defendant to structure a settlement to maximize the payment to the young plaintiff when he attains the age of majority.

Maximized payoff at age of majority

NCAA Final Four Ticket Fraud

A Fortune 100 company purchased hundreds of tickets to the NCAA Final Four to entertain its significant clients. On the eve of the event, the broker did not produce the tickets. Charlie brought a fraud and breach of contract case against the ticket broker that resulted in a substantial settlement for the client.

Substantial fraud settlement

Jilted Hollywood Fiancée Seeks to Recover 4-Carat Wedding Ring

Your fiancee breaks off the engagement, at least you get the ring back, right? While that is generally the law, Charlie represented a fiancee who was told after the couple broke up that she could "keep the ring". However, when the Hollywood actor fell on hard times, he asked for the ring back. The actor filed suit and Charlie represented the fiancee. As a result of Charlie's representation, the fiancee received a substantial payment by the actor to get the valuable ring back.

Substantial Engagment Ring Settlement

Are You Liable for Your Ex-Wife's Student Loans?

Divorce is hard enough, but imagine receiving a demand letter from a student loan bank demanding that you pay your ex-wife's student loan. When you ask the reason or cause for this demand, the bank produces an agreement forged by your ex-wife whereby you agreed to pay the debt. At this point, you might think it would be simple to just show the bank your real signature and they would not pursue you. However, when your ex-wife fails to pay the loan, the bank is motivated to try and stick you with the debt. Charlie represented the husband to first successfully defeat the bank's attempts to collect the debt, and then later to collect money from the bank for pursuing the claim in the first place.

Notable bank settlement

Head on Collison on I-435

A mother and her two young children were struck head on by an unknown driver who fled the scene of the accident. Charlie was able to secure a substantial six figure settlement from his client's uninsured motorist coverage.

Six-figure settlement

Noncompete Defense

Several clients have come to Charlie to defend themselves against former employers seeking to prevent them from working. Using his years of business and legal experience, Charlie has defeated or limited several restrictive covenants in Johnson, Jackson, Miami, and surrounding counties.

Defeated covenants

Enforcement of Contract Rights

In several cases, Charlie has enforced contractual rights, including the right to be paid for services rendered, enforcement of promissory notes, and enforcement of asset purchase agreements.

Contractual rights enforcement

Software License Infringement Case

In a case pending in California, Charlie has on behalf of a software company sued to enforce its software rights and to collect more than $2M in disputed license fees.

$2,000,000 Collection

Entrepreneur Protection

Using is more than 27 years of business and litigation experience, Charlie's most rewarding work is helping entrepreneur’s either avoid substantial liability or protect them from making potentially costly mistakes when they are expanding, buying, or selling their business.

Avoidance of Substantial Liability