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Watching his father run a small business and as a small business owner himself, Charlie Hyland knows the vital importance of drafting business contracts that can hold their own when called upon to underscore the terms needed to resolve disputes. There's no denying that throughout your time as a small business owner you'll need to draft various contracts that should be legally defensible. In that case, you'll never be wrong in coming to the Hyland Law Firm to stipulate the clear terms that make professional life clearer for everyone to understand.

Basic Tenets of Contract Drafting

At the most basic level, drafting any contract involves one party setting forth an offer for the other party to accept. Before consulting us, it's wise to be familiar with integral aspects that make contracts work in legal terms. For a contract to be valid, it must adhere to a few basic elements:

  • Intent to draft a contract
  • Lawful subject matter
  • An offer
  • Acceptance of the offer
  • Exchange of something of value
  • In some circumstances, a written agreement

The drafting of any contract will naturally become complicated once counteroffers with modified terms are made. Furthermore, if initial offers are rejected or revoked outright, it's a good idea to enlist the help of a skilled attorney such as Charlie Hyland.

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Writing a Good Business Contract

It seems obvious that in writing a business contract the language should be easily understandable rather than filled with excessively esoteric legal jargon that's difficult from which to make sense. Take the latter half of the previous sentence, for example. It's easy for a reader to skim over basic, yet crucial, information when large words hinder you from making immediate sense of what's right there before you.

However, contracts should always be:

  • Detailed and clear in terms of the offer being made so nothing can be thrown into question. This is the best way to avoid any sort of costly contract dispute litigation. Finer points regarding how and when one party should pay the other are especially important in this regard.
  • Specific where confidentiality is a factor, since security of information in the digital age is of utmost importance when dealing with people's personal information, for instance.
  • Clear about termination. It's important that both parties know exactly when the terms of the contract expire, so they can be prepared for any action that follows.
  • Adherent to state laws. In Kansas and Missouri, you don't need to look elsewhere other than Hyland Law Firm to draft a carefully crafted contract.

If you’ve already drafted your contract, look to us for an effective and quick review. Don’t wait to schedule your consultation today.

Effective Contract Drafting & Review Service in Kansas City, MO

When it comes to effective contract drafting and review in Kansas City, consult Charles Hyland of Hyland Law Firm. After years of experience helping small and large enterprises navigate the twists and turns of business law, he’s prepared to help you lay out the terms of any contract in a clear and understandable way. Reach out now for a consultation.