Building Fires

When fire overtakes someone's home or a business, we count on firefighters to protect human life and, whenever possible, prevent complete loss of property as well.

In the aftermath of a serious fire, however, survivors may be left with questions and little else. For example:

  • "How will I pay for my medical bills?"
  • "How do I replace all of my possessions?"
  • "Was someone's negligence to blame?"

When innocent people are left to pick up the pieces, there is only one place to turn: an experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyer.

An Aggressive Advocate for Fire Victims in Missouri And Kansas

Because the economic losses in large fires can be catastrophic, property owners and their insurance companies have greater incentive to put up a fight when people seek compensation for their medical and other financial losses.

Our attorney, Charlie Hyland, worked in the insurance defense industry before going into plaintiff-side practice. This means he intuitively knows how insurance companies will approach a case, and can use his knowledge of insurance industry tactics to our clients' advantage.

Our firm handles cases that may involve:

  • Negligent building design that increased the risk of injury or property damage
  • Defective smoke detector and sprinkler systems
  • Failure to have or maintain working fire extinguishers
  • Defective maintenance of passageways that hindered escape

Because we represent clients in cases involving both residential and commercial properties, we can help you whether your primary losses are in the form of medical bills from burn injuries and missed work, or damaged or destroyed equipment and other business-related losses.

Experience matters; so do results. We recently obtained more than $3 million for our clients.

The Other Side Will Fight to Avoid Paying. We'll Fight to Make Sure They Do.

For a free phone consultation with attorney Charlie Hyland to discuss your case, call our Overland Park office or email us directly.