Injuries to Children Attorney in Overland Park, Kansas

There are few forces stronger than a parent's desire to protect his or her children. That's why when a child is seriously injured in an accident, parents will do whatever it takes to hold parties responsible for their negligence, and most importantly, make sure a child gets the care and attention he or she needs to make a full recovery.

Our attorney, Charlie Hyland, knows that no amount of money can ever take back what has happened to a child, and that parents' grief never really goes away when seeing injured children make long and perhaps incomplete recoveries. None of that means that negligent parties shouldn't be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Our firm will fight to ensure that your child and your family do not have to pay the price for someone else's reckless actions.

Personal Injury Claims in Missouri and Kansas Involving Children

What makes cases involving children unique and where Charlie Hyland's near-quarter century of injury litigation experience gives our clients an edge is that compensation claims must account for the effects of accident injuries that can last for many years, even a child's lifetime. This means that there is no room for error when determining how much compensation to seek from negligent parties and their insurance companies, and how to best go about getting fair compensation.

We work with accounting and vocational experts who can help us determine the lifetime costs of a child's injuries. We also consider the effects that serious injuries, such as brain or spinal cord damage, might have on a child's ability to provide for him or herself as an adult. This all forms part of our compensation strategy, and whether we negotiate with negligent parties directly or take them to court and fight there, our clients know that our attorney is committed to doing right by their children.

We recently collected more than $3 million for our Kansas City Metro-area clients. These are results that make a difference in their lives.

Your Child Deserves a Dedicated Legal Advocate. That's What Our Firm Will Provide.

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