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Non-compete agreements can protect the valuable rights of a business to the proprietary information and processes it has implemented. When an employee is able to leave and immediately compete with a business using the intellectual property, client lists, and proprietary business processes without the substantial financial investment to develop these valuable assets, it permits the employee's new business to compete with an unfair business advantage. Sometimes these agreements are overbroad and unenforceable. You may need a lawyer to protect you from an overbroad agreement.

Overland Park non-compete agreement attorney Charles J. Hyland has been practicing law for more than two decades, including litigation to enforce compliance with terms of non-compete agreements or to defend against an overbroad application of an agreement.

It is important to understand that state and federal law imposes limitations and restrictions on the scope and terms of a non-compete agreement. At Hyland Law Firm LLC, we carefully analyze and review the terms and language of a non-compete agreement regarding limits on the geographical, timeline and employment restrictions. We understand the "gray areas" in terms of restrictions and rights typically included in non-compete contracts and will advise you regarding these areas so that we minimize the risk of having a court decline to enforce your non-compete agreement.

Our Overland Park non-compete agreement law firm is dedicated to providing effective contracts to protect the proprietary information upon which your business is built, as well as enforcement solutions at a reasonable cost. Our fee structure permits us to customize our billing to the specific circumstances of the case. If you need assistance in preparing or enforcing a covenant not to compete in Overland Park or the surrounding areas of Kansas, Mr. Hyland has a business law practice built on proven results. We invite you to call us to schedule a free consultation today at 913-498-1911

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