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Serious Safety Concerns Prompt Vehicle Recalls: What Kansas Drivers Should Know

In late June 2013, Ford Motor Company announced that the company was recalling more than 13,000 vehicles. The vehicles affected by the recall included the Explorer, Taurus and Lincoln MKS. The cause for the recall was related to child door locks, of which Ford became aware during a routine audit. According to the company, there have been no accidents or injuries to children as a result of the faulty locks. The problematic locks can be turned off when a person opens or closes the rear doors, allowing the doors to be opened by a child using the inside door handle. The affected cars were built during a two-week period during late November to early December 2012. This was Ford's second recall in less than a month.

Recalls have become an unfortunate reality of owning and maintaining a vehicle. In 2011, more than 15 million vehicles were recalled. This figure was much lower than in 2010 when 20 million vehicles were recalled according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The lowest rate of vehicle recalls in recent years was in 2008, when approximately 8.6 million vehicles were recalled. Although many of the recalls are not for safety concerns, each year people die or are injured as the result of defective vehicles. In 2009, Toyota recalled 8.5 million vehicles for power steering issues after 16 people died and another 243 were injured.

To protect the safety of the driver, passengers and others sharing the road, here are three important tips you should know about vehicle recalls.

  1. Maintain Current Contact Information with Manufacturer: For most vehicle recalls, the manufacturer will contact you directly to inform you of a recall. Be sure that the manufacturer has your correct address on file so that you can be reached in case of a recall. In other cases, the dealership at which you purchased the vehicle will send notice.
  1. Determine Vehicle Safety: Upon learning that your make, model and year of vehicle is affected by a recall, contact the manufacturer or dealer to determine if the vehicle is safe to operate.
  1. Act Promptly: When you contact the dealer or manufacturer related to a recall, you will be informed of what you need to do to resolve the problem. Even if you have not experienced any problems with the vehicle do not delay taking the vehicle to the dealership to be repaired. Official recalls are done at no cost to the consumer so act promptly. If you previously had the defective part replaced prior to the official recall, contact the manufacturer and/or dealer as you may be entitled to a reimbursement.

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