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Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney Says Reminds Us to Always Be On Guard

Summer would not be the same without a trip to the local swimming pool. On hot days, nothing cools children and adults better than a dip in the pool. However, many people are not always mindful of the dangers that a pool can pose. An average of 10 people a day die as the result of unintentional drowning. Of these, two are children under the age of 14. In fact, drowning is the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury deaths. More young children, age 1 to 4, die each year from unintentional drowning than any other cause of death, with the exception of birth defects.

The saddest statistic about unintentional drowning deaths is that such deaths are completely preventable. Here are a few reminders that can help you keep your children and other loved ones safe at the pool this year:

  • Learn to swim: One of the best ways to prevent an accidental drowning is to learn how to swim. Although swim lessons can greatly reduce the risk of drowning, especially for children, lessons should never replace other safety precautions.
  • Implement the "Buddy System": A tried and true method of preventing drowning and other swimming-related problems is to always swim with another person. The Buddy System is a good rule to use, regardless of age.
  • Be within "arm's reach": Toddler and children who cannot swim should always be accompanied by an adult and within arm's reach. It only takes seconds for a child to slip under the water's surface which necessitates an adult being close enough to touch the child within those precious seconds. More than fifty percent of children under the age of 5 were alone when they drowned. It is also important that any adult supervising children be focused on watching the water and not engaging in activities that takes their eyes off the children, such as trying to hold a conversation with other adults or talking on a cell phone.
  • Swim when a lifeguard is present: It is important to note that not all pools or swimming sites have lifeguards on duty. However, whenever possible, select a location that does provide lifeguards. If a swimming site does not provide lifeguards, it is advisable to swim with a person watching who is knowledgeable in cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR. CPR, when administered properly, can make the difference between life and death, even if only performed for a few minutes until a lifeguard or a first responder can arrive on the scene.
  • Avoid alcohol and other drugs: To ensure safe swimming, do not swim under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Intoxicants such as these can interfere with a swimmer's ability to navigate the waters. Adults who are responsible for supervising swimming children should never consume alcohol or other drugs.
  • Life jackets are a MUST: Children should always wear a life jacket when they are around bodies of water. Life jackets are also a great idea at swimming sites for children who are not yet strong swimmers.

If your loved one drowned or suffered injuries related to a near drowning, call me today at 913-498-1911 to schedule a free and confidential consultation. I have over twenty years of experiences handling these types of cases and can advise you and your family of your rights. I will fight to obtain the compensation you are entitled to and demand answers to your questions. I look forward to the opportunity to provide you with exceptional legal services.

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