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Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

Although the day before Thanksgiving may be the busiest travel day of the year with an estimated 38 million people venturing more than 50 miles from home according to AAA, the holiday season in general is a hectic time to hit the roads. With such a high volume of people driving on the roadways, this time of year can also be a dangerous time to be navigating from point A to point B. To help ensure safe holiday travel, keep in the mind the following tips:

  • Check your car: The last thing you want to do during any trip is to try to change a tire or replace a wiper blade on the side of the road. Before loading the suitcases, take the time to make sure your vehicle is travel ready. Your maintenance check list should include: examining the tires and checking tire pressure, checking brake and headlights, filling all fluids and having the oil changed. If there is a chance that you may encounter snow and ice be sure to pack boots, gloves, and an ice scraper.
  • Plan your route: Before leaving your driveway you should not only have printed directions to where you are headed but also a map and/or a GPS system. Both would be preferable since sometimes it is possible to lose a signal, especially in remote locations, making a GPS system useless. A map or GPS unit is also a must in the event of a road closure or to avoid a bad weather. If you are relying on your smart phone or other GPS unit, make sure to pack a car charger. Turn-by-turn navigation systems can quickly drain a battery.
  • Get your beauty sleep: Not only do you want to make it to your final destination safely, but you do not want to go to bed immediately upon arrival. The best way to accomplish both goals is with plenty of shut eye. When planning a trip make sure to allow for a proper night's rest. Trying to drive too long of a distance without stopping to sleep is a recipe for an accident. Sleepy drivers are slower to respond to road hazards and risk falling asleep at the wheel. If you become drowsy while driving pull over. If possible have someone else drive or make arrangements to spend the night.
  • Break up the trip: Especially if you are traveling with small children for a long distance, it is smart to try to break up the trip with an overnight stay. You can arrange to stay with either friends or family along the way or spend the night at a hotel. If you are unsure of how far you will make it before having to stop, you can also book a hotel using your cell phone or online using a smart device.
  • Take a deep breath: One of most important things you as a driver can do to keep you, your passengers and your fellow motorists safe while traveling to grandma's house is to relax. Try to slow down and enjoy the trip. Remember accidents can happen when a driver is consumed by road rage or traveling at too high a rate of speed for weather conditions.

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