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August 2014 Archives

Head-on collision near Tonganoxie takes 2 mens' lives

A fatal head-on collision recently took the lives of two drivers near Tonganoxie. The exact cause of the accident was still under investigation at the time of a local report, though the Kansas Highway Patrol has provided some details.

Holding drivers and companies accountable in Kansas truck accidents

Collisions with large commercial vehicles change people's lives in ways they never could have imagined. Suddenly a person seriously injured in a truck accident needs major medical treatment and perhaps is unable to work. If the victim normally contributes to a household income, then the financial damage of the crash may extend to the entire family. All of these problems are in addition to the pain and suffering experienced by the injured person.

Safeguard Your Kansas City Business' Bottom Line: Be on the Watch for Business Torts

Business owners are often attentive of the importance that contracts play in the business world and are quick to seek counsel if a contract is breached. However, a sizeable segment of business-related litigation stems from what are referred to as "business torts." A "tort" is a class of civil intentional or negligent wrongs. Business torts do not include damage to property or persons, but rather target a business' intangible assets. A business that has suffered economic loss as the result of a business tort can file suit against the offending business or individual. A savvy business owner can safeguard his or her business' bottom line simply by being aware of the existence of these causes of action. Three of the most common business torts that can jeopardize a business and its economic interests are:

Proving Your Road Rage Case in Missouri

Most people nowadays have been either a witness and/or unfortunate victim of road rage. Unfortunately, we don't get to choose who gets angry with us and who doesn't, especially when behind the wheel. Oftentimes, people, perhaps due to personal or professional problems, suddenly snap when faced with the normal aggravations associated with driving, such as dealing with heavy traffic or the acts and omissions of careless drivers. For whatever reason, what starts out as a mere annoyance turns into a major case of frustration, rage and criminally reckless behavior towards another driver (i.e., actions that create a serious risk of injury or death to others).