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Both jaw fractures and dislocations may require long recovery

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the common causes of jaw injuries. A driver or passenger in Kansas who has experienced a hard facial blow in a car accident that injured the jaw will require professional medical attention. Weeks could be needed for recovery.

A jaw fracture differs from a dislocation. In a fracture injury, the lower jaw bone is cracked or shattered. A dislocation, however, involves the lower jaw bone moving out of one or both joints. An untrained person should not attempt to fix a jaw injury because it is crucial to get the teeth lined up correctly. Treatment of moderate to severe fractures can include surgery. The jaw may also need to be wired in place to restrain movement for a period of six to eight weeks. The person will be on a liquid diet during this time, and his or her ability to speak will be impeded.

For a dislocation injury, a physician moves the jaw back into joint. Then the jaw is bandaged in place so it will not pop out of joint during healing. Typically, jaw movement needs to be limited for about six weeks.

Someone who has suffered a serious injury in a car accident may be able to collect damages from the party responsible for the collision. If the other driver acted recklessly behind the wheel by ignoring speed limits, drinking or otherwise failing to follow safety standards, then the injured person could make a personal injury claim. An attorney could look at the accident investigation and advise the person on whether or not there is evidence of negligence. If it is present, then an attorney could prepare a lawsuit demanding compensation for medical bills and lost income.

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