Brain injury patients at risk for rehospitalization

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Kansas patients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury may be interested to know that a study found that 20 percent of these injured individuals are likely to be hospitalized more than once. The study found that many of the individuals returned to the hospital for treatment of symptoms associated with brain injuries, including seizures, mental disorders and nervous system disorders, as well as for elective reasons.

The study analyzed the cases of 655 individuals who had suffered a traumatic brain injuryand were involved in one of four inpatient rehabilitation facilities. The researchers used patients' medical records to record the injuries they suffered, their recoveries and the payer of the medical bills. The researchers then used information from patients who returned to the hospital within one to three years for either elective or nonelective reasons.

Ultimately, the researchers found that approximately 20 percent of those who suffered a traumatic brain injury were rehospitalized. Most of the patients returned for elective reasons, such as for reconstruction surgery, infections and other general maintenance. Rehospitalization for patients seeking these types of treatments increased after the one year mark following the injury, though other patients sought rehospitalization for direct symptoms of a brain injury.

If someone suffers a traumatic brain injury after being involved in a car accident, it is likely that they will have a long road of recovery. In some cases, they may be hospitalized multiple times. Those who suffered a brain injury due to the negligence of someone else may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the liable party. In addition to seeking compensation for current medical bills, the injured person may also seek compensation for any future treatment needed. An attorney can help a victim prove this negligence and assist them during the process of filing a claim.

Source: Brain Injury Association of America, "Rehospitalization Rates: 20% for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries", December 08, 2014

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