Driver charged in deadly Kansas car crash

On Nov. 14, authorities reported that officials filed criminal charges against a driver in connection with an Aug. 19 accident in Sedgwick Couny that resulted in the death of a pregnant woman and her unborn child. The accused individual is a 25-year-old man, reportedly.

According to a police affidavit, the 25-year-old man was driving a Nissan Pathfinder and attempting to pass traffic immediately prior to the accident. The man reportedly told police that he attempted to stop by hitting the brakes. However, officials stated that the Pathfinder had been traveling 71 miles per hour at the time of impact. The speed limit on the stretch of road where the accident occurred is 35 mph, reportedly.

Following the crash, the pregnant woman was transported to a hospital, where her daughter was delivered by Caesarian section. The woman ultimately died as a result of blunt force trauma. The baby died six days later as a result of multiple complications, authorities said.

Two other passengers in the car carrying the pregnant woman, ages 18 and 24, suffered serious injuries. The 25-year-old man and two passengers from his vehicle also suffered injuries in the accident, including broken bones.

The 25-year-old man is facing two counts of involuntary manslaughter and three counts of aggravated battery, authorities said. His preliminary hearing was reportedly delayed until Dec. 9.

When a loved one dies in a car accident, immediate family members are often left to deal with both an emotional loss and a financial loss. For this reason, many bereaved families retain an attorney and pursue civil action in relation to the fatal event. A wrongful death lawsuit, if successful, may provide compensation for financial damages that the family members experienced as a result of their loved one's unexpected and wrongful death.

Source: The Wichita Eagle, "Driver charged in fatal collision was going 71 in 35-mph zone prior to impact, affadavit says", Amy Renee Leiker, November 14, 2014

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