Head-on collision in Kansas kills 3

An accident involving three vehicles left a trio of people dead in Butler County. The Kansas Highway Patrol reported that the head-on collision on US-54 happened when one vehicle left the eastbound lanes and went onto the westbound side. The reason they swerved was not yet known.

The driver of the westbound pickup truck was injured but survived. Of the four people in the eastbound car, three were killed, and the fourth suffered serious injuries. The survivor, a 21-year-old man who had been riding as a passenger, stated that there had been an argument among the deceased three immediately before the accident.

Debris from the wreck flew off and hit a third vehicle, though no one in that car was hurt. The force of the accident was so great that the motor of the car was torn from its moorings and thrown into a ravine nearby.

The U.S. legal system holds all people responsible for the harm that their actions or failure to take action may cause to another. If someone has suffered a personal injury because of an automobile accident that was not their fault, then they may choose to ask an attorney for advice about ways to hold the responsible party accountable. It is possible for an injured passenger in a crashed vehicle to press a suit against the driver, as the driver has a duty to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. A deceased individual may be sued for recovery of damages because of an accident they caused while they were alive, and any financial compensation awarded by the court will be taken from their estate.

Source: KWCH, "3 dead, others seriously hurt in head-on collision in Butler Co.," April 18, 2015

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