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Hyland Law Firm, LLC April 15, 2014

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No one starts a business with the goal of losing money. Rather, as a business owner you hope to start turning a profit as soon as you open your doors for business. However, even if your business is doing well financially, there are certain things beyond your control that can drag down profits, such as unpaid invoices. Not only can unpaid invoices make you feel red and angry they also can have you seeing red-as in operating losses. If your unpaid invoices are growing at leaps and bounds, now is the time to speak with an experienced business litigation attorney. A qualified business litigation attorney can help you start seeing more green by helping you evaluate your options and attempt to prevent future problems. The following are a list of things an attorney can do to help your business' bottom line:

  • Make a payment demand: You have probably tried calling the client (or company) that has failed to pay its invoice numerous times. You may have even sent a second or third invoice. Despite the fact that your phone calls have gone unreturned and your invoices seem to be "lost in the mail", it does not mean that your only option is to file a lawsuit. A letter addressed from an attorney's office tends to catch a person or company's attention. Moreover it sends a message that you are serious about collecting. Sometimes just a letter is enough for the person or company to realize that they need to pay up. Other times, the letter at least starts a dialogue whereby a settlement can be reached.

  • File a lawsuit: If a letter does not convince the client or company to pay its past due invoice, then the next step may be to file a lawsuit. This does not necessarily mean that the case will proceed to a trial. It is important to remember that a settlement can be reached at any time prior to a hearing by the court. The serving of a summons, in some instances, is enough to convince some defendants to settle.

  • Enforce judgment: If a case does not settle, it will proceed to a hearing before a judge. If the judge rules in your favor, then the business will receive a "judgment" against the defendant client/company. Once a business has a judgment in hand, the next and possibly most difficult aspect is to collect on the judgment. This is when the skills of a seasoned business litigation attorney will prove invaluable. He or she will have a variety of ways to attempt to collect on the judgment, including by filing a lien against any real property owned by the defendant, through wage garnishments, or by levying bank accounts. The option or options selected will vary and should meet the business' specific needs.

  • Revise invoice form: An attorney can also review your current invoice form to determine if any revisions are necessary. A well-crafted invoice can and should address items such as late fees and interest. These terms may help encourage clients or companies to pay any invoices in a timely manner.

As a business owner you always need to be on the lookout for ways to protect your company's bottom line. If you have unpaid invoices, you need the assistance of an experienced Kansas Business Attorney. Seasoned Kansas Businesses Litigation Attorney Charles Hyland understands the financial hardship that unpaid invoices can cause a business. Contact the Hyland Law Firm, LLC today to schedule a free and confidential consultation. The Hyland Law Firm will work with you to determine the best way to get invoices paid!