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This year, motorcycle giant Harley-Davidson celebrated its 110th anniversary. No doubt in part due to the success of Harley-Davidson, motorcycle riding has greatly increased in popularity over the last decade. With more and more motorcyclists hitting the road, the number of motorcycle related accidents has also increased. In fact, in 2011, there were 4,612 motorcycle accident related fatalities in the United States. Also in 2011, approximately 81,000 motorcyclists nation-wide were injured in accidents. With these startling statistics in mind, it is important for all motorists to remember that motorcyclists have the same rights and privileges as any other driver on the road.

Here are a few rules that drivers of cars, trucks and buses should follow to better share the road with motorcycles:

  • ALWAYS use turn signals: Before changing lanes make sure that you use your turn signal. This allows a motorcycle to better anticipate traffic flow and find a safe lane position.

  • CHECK blind spots: Because of their smaller size it can be difficult for other motorists to see motorcycles and gage their speed. Before changing lanes check your blind spot to make sure that it is clear and safe to do so.

  • Do NOT share a lane with a motorcycle: Despite a motorcycle's smaller size compared to a traditional vehicle, motorcycles still need the entire lane width to be able to maneuver safely.

  • Increase following distance: Although motorcyclists are able to stop quicker than non-motorcycles in dry conditions, it is important to increase the distance you follow at motorcycle to at least three to four seconds. Keep in mind that motorcycles are more difficult to operate than a car or truck and also more unstable. The extra following distance will allow the motorcyclist to maneuver in case of an emergency.

Drivers of motorcycles also need to do their part. The following are tips all motorcyclists should follow:

  • Exercise caution: Be especially cautious when driving at night, in poor weather or road conditions, and when traveling on unfamiliar roadways. Also make sure that you are visible to other motorists. Never ride in another's motorist's blind spot. It is also wise to allow adequate distance between yourself and other vehicle.

  • Do not drink and ride: Drinking and driving do not mix and this is especially true when operating a motorcycle.

  • Wear a helmet and other protective clothing: In 2011, 60 percent of fatally injured motorcyclists were not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. Motorcycle passengers should also wear a helmet. Protective clothing including gloves, boots and jacket can help keep you safe in the event of an accident.

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