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Protect Your Kansas City Business: Understand the Potential Pitfalls of Commercial Leases

As a business owner you have to make a plethora of important decisions on a daily basis. However, no single decision may be as important to the success of your business as that of selecting the right location.. Not only is the location and overall space important, but also important is signing a favorable lease. Many business owners make the mistakes of assuming that commercial leases are pretty standard and the terms "boiler plate". However, commercial leases are not all created equally. Instead of negotiating the terms of the lease business owners often unknowingly sign a lease that could financially ruin not only their business, but could also possibly leave the business owner personally liable. Before you sign a commercial lease, be aware of these potential pitfalls:

Kansas City Parents: How to Protect your Children from Dog Bites

Each year in the United States, close to 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs. Half of all of these incidents involve a dog biting a child. In fact, it is estimated that fifty percent of children in the United States will suffer from a dog bite reaching age 12. Since most dog bites occur from a dog that is known to the child, it is important to teach children how to safely interact with all dogs. The following tips can decrease the likelihood of your child being bitten by a dog, whether it be the dog of a friend, neighbor, or your own:

Kansas City Personal Injury Attorney Says Reminds Us to Always Be On Guard

Summer would not be the same without a trip to the local swimming pool. On hot days, nothing cools children and adults better than a dip in the pool. However, many people are not always mindful of the dangers that a pool can pose. An average of 10 people a day die as the result of unintentional drowning. Of these, two are children under the age of 14. In fact, drowning is the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury deaths. More young children, age 1 to 4, die each year from unintentional drowning than any other cause of death, with the exception of birth defects.