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Hyland Law Firm LLC Aug. 2, 2014

Most people nowadays have been either a witness and/or unfortunate victim of road rage. Unfortunately, we don't get to choose who gets angry with us and who doesn't, especially when behind the wheel. Oftentimes, people, perhaps due to personal or professional problems, suddenly snap when faced with the normal aggravations associated with driving, such as dealing with heavy traffic or the acts and omissions of careless drivers. For whatever reason, what starts out as a mere annoyance turns into a major case of frustration, rage and criminally reckless behavior towards another driver (i.e., actions that create a serious risk of injury or death to others).

In Missouri, it seems like nearly every day we hear about another victim of road rage. For instance, in late May of 2012, a 65-year old man driving a car in O'Fallon, Missouri cut off a female motorcyclist who was accompanied by her husband on another bike. The three parties pulled over to the side of the road where an exchange of words ensued, amounting to the male motorcyclist physically assaulting the 65-year old. In response, the 65-year old pulled out a semi-automatic weapon and shot the male motorcyclist in the chest. While the man ultimately survived the ordeal, this situation most definitely could have been avoided.

No matter what, road rage and its associated consequences should not be tolerated under any circumstances. When someone is injured or dies due to an encounter with a rageful driver, it is essential to hire a lawyer experienced with understanding the various challenges that abound in proving one's Missouri road rage case. For example, it is critical for your attorney to advise you as to the merits of your case, how you can increase your chances of recovering monetary damages, and the best ways of proving your case - including the different methods available in doing so (such as using experts to analyze skid marks and other indicia of road rage). It is also important that you act quickly so that all evidence is gathered and preserved, especially to ensure that nothing needed to prove your case is lost.

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