Symptoms of and treatments for skull fractures

Individuals in Kansas who have suffered from skull fractures may be aware that it is an injury that can range from mild to severe. Any impact to the head may cause a skull fracture, and it does not necessarily involve a brain injury. Treatment for mild skull fractures may simply be painkillers while serious injuries might require surgery. There are several different types of skull fractures including simple fractures that do not involve any broken skin, depressed fractures involving the brain cavity and compound fractures in which the bone is exposed.

Symptoms that a skull fracture has occurred include bleeding from the nose and ears or bruises in the face. Warmth, tenderness or swelling where the blow occurred may also indicate a skull fracture. Other symptoms might be nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, fainting and difficulty balancing. Individuals who suffer a blow to the head should be monitored for symptoms like these that may indicate a more serious injury.

One common cause of a blow to the head leading to a skull fracture is an automobile accident. An individual who has suffered a serious injury of this nature may wish to work with an attorney. It might be possible to file a lawsuit against the responsible party or parties, and if the lawsuit is successful, the amount awarded might help pay medical bills and even replace lost income.

The key in proving responsibility is determining whether a driver was negligent in causing the accident. Being distracted by using a cell phone while or driving too fast for conditions are examples of potentially negligent driving. A personal injury attorney can help determine what remedies are available.

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