Whiplash and motor vehicle accidents

Learning more about whiplash may help some Kansas residents avoid suffering aggravated or chronic whiplash injuries in the future. Whiplash is recognized as one of the most common injuries that occupants suffer from car accidents. These injuries are typically the result of a rear-end collision involving a stationary vehicle.

Whiplash happens when the impact of sudden acceleration and deceleration forces the unrestrained neck and head backward into the hyperextended position and then forward into the hyperflexed position. This exaggerated motion may cause the cervical spine to form an abnormal S-shape and can damage the muscles, ligaments and facet capsules holding the vertebrae together.

Whiplash is often mistreated or ignored, as the condition is sometimes misunderstood or underestimated. Rehabilitation that includes early range of motion and exercises may lead to a quicker recovery than using a cervical collar or immobilization. People suffering from whiplash injuries may also suffer from chronic and more serious health conditions. Whiplash is rarely fatal, but the injury may lead to developing a partial disability for a prolonged period of time.

The costs commonly associated with whiplash include litigation fees, loss of income, sick leave, disability and medical care. Some accident victims suffer whiplash symptoms for years after the accident occurs.

People who suffer a whiplash injury from an accident caused by someone else may benefit from consulting a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer may be able to investigate the incident and determine if the other driver can be found culpable for the damages. These types of injuries are usually attributable to driver negligence, and plaintiffs in these cases typically seek restitution to help account for medical expenses, loss of income and other hardships resulting from the crash.

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