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Helping Children Cope With a Divorce in Kansas City

The divorce process is never easy on anyone, especially children. Regardless of whether your divorce is acrimonious or not, children are often left feeling depressed, anxious and saddened over the impending loss of their family unit. As a parent, it is not uncommon to feel uncertain as to how to help your children emerge from your divorce feeling loved, supported and validated. The good news is that there are things you can do to help ease the process and make the experience a whole lot less traumatizing for your children. These are as follows:

  • Be a sounding board for your children. Make sure to listen to your children about how they feel regarding your divorce and be sure to validate their feelings.
  • Don't cause polarity in your home. Despite how angry you feel towards your spouse, it is crucial that you keep your children out of the middle of the dispute. Avoid saying anything negative about your spouse in front of your children and do not try and turn them against their other parent.
  • Reassure your children. Children need to be reassured that they will continue to be equally loved by both parents, both during and after your divorce.
  • Stick to the same routine. Change is hard, especially on children. Try to implement change on a gradual basis yet maintain your usual routine with them. Meaning, continue to adhere to their normal schedules for eating, going to bed, etc.
  • Be honest. It is never beneficial to your children to lie, as they are much more astute than we sometimes think. While you do not have to disclose all of the details of your divorce, be sure to answer their questions both openly and honestly.
  • Be extra supportive and affectionate. Regularly giving your children hugs or taking them out for ice cream might help raise their spirits during your divorce. Any extra effort that you can make to be supportive will certainly have a positive impact on your children.
  • Seek a family therapist to help. Family therapy is one of the best ways to help all parties to a divorce effectively communicate and also, to validate each other's feelings.

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